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What’s Japan’s Nommunication? Understanding Japanese drinking culture at work.

Strongly critized in the last few years, the culture of nommunication still rules Japanese salarymen’s daily life, especially in traditional-style corporations. This made-up word is built…

A little more about the story behind Japan’s Kamikaze


History has certainly not forgotten the kamikaze (神 風, god and wind, « divine wind »), these Japanese soldiers that did suicide missions during the World War II….

Omotenashi: Discover the Wonders of the Japanese Hospitality


When it comes to tourists, the civility and friendliness of Japanese people is one great part of the unforgettable experience that is Japan. It all goes back…

A few thoughts on what it feels like to be fat in Japan.

fat in japan

Women’s magazines are always ready to sell us a newly found miracle diet. In the past years, they’ve set their eyes on Japan and how the…