What’s Japan’s Nommunication? Understanding Japanese drinking culture at work.

  • Fév 12, 2019

Strongly critized in the last few years, the culture of nommunication still rules Japanese salarymen’s daily life, especially in traditional-style corporations. This made-up word is built…

Mission Impossible: Search for a New Apartment in Tokyo?!

  • Juil 5, 2017
search for an apartment in tokyo

I moved to Tokyo about 4 years ago and experienced moving from one apartment to the other only once. At the time, however, I had…

Challenged Accepted: Finding a Flat in Tokyo And Moving Out Within a Week

  • Juil 16, 2015
Flat in Tokyo

How I ended up with 1-week to find a flat in Tokyo and to move out. I was struggling to find a job and had…

A little more about the story behind Japan’s Kamikaze

  • Juin 15, 2015

History has certainly not forgotten the kamikaze (神 風, god and wind, « divine wind »), these Japanese soldiers that did suicide missions during the World War II….