Soba restaurant in Harajuku, the Matsubara-year Keyaki

A very good soba restaurant in Tokyo? The Matsubara-year Keyaki where I went twice for its delicious cuisine and a central location, a few meters from the Meiji Jungu Mae station, and the Harajuku station. In a calm atmosphere, this restaurant offers tatami room,  dimmed light and a counter overlooking the Omotesando street.

At the entrance, you will remove your shoes (which will be carefully stored in lockers and will quietly await you at checkout).

I’m not very difficult, and soba noodle is what I prefer in Japanese cuisine . Cold (tsumetai) or hot, it is often accompanied by vegetables and seafood tempura (starting price for 1300y soba and tempura).

The menu has a vast choice of appetizers (between 500 and 1000y) allowing you to experience several types of tofu, fried taro, or soba sashimi!

sashimi soba

The drink menu is rather extensive, and I always order some torotoro umeshu, this delicious plum alcohol. A glass is quite expensive (starting between 600 and 800 y), but everything is very good.

The advantage of this restaurant, besides the impeccable hospitality, is its English menu, which allows foreigners to discover the taste of good Japanese cuisine without worrying about what is gonna be in their plates.

The menu is cheaper during lunchtime. But the evening atmosphere is great when night falls and you are comfortably talking in a cosy atmosphere.

You can get an idea of the menu by looking at the website dedicated to the main restaurant based in Kamakura – unfortunately all in Japanese, but with beautiful photographs.

4F Harajuku Quest 1-13-14 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

TEL 03-3478-7444

Time 11:30-23:30 (LO)

15 June 2015



  1. Reply


    6 November 2014

    Ça à l’air sympa mais je n’aime pas les soba : c’est souvent cher et ça n’a pas vraiment de goût 😉

    • Amélie-Marie

      6 November 2014

      Pas de goût ?! Mais mais mais, mais si! Surtout lorsque l’on a l’occasion d’en goûter de différentes régions !

    • DrV

      8 November 2014

      Alors c’est vrai que je n’ai pas gouté de différents endroits du Japon…. J’ai gouté à Osaka, chez le fameux Yen à Paris et chez Sara ! Bof, désolé 🙁 Et en pus c’est très cher. Je préfère les sensation faciles et intense des ramen, voir des udon 😉

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