Japan Random Video Compilation #1

bartenders japonais vidéo

This is section of my blog is a way for me to share funny, interesting or strange video about & of Japan. For the days I get lost on the YouTube of things! I’ll try to keep this series of article going as long as possible!

Students’ Art

This video was made by the students of Tokyo University of Arts and has for name “The recruit Rhapsody”. It’s a tough one, that people familiar with the recruit system in Japan will immediately relate to. The students are depicting here how young graduates search for their first job in Japan and all the consquences resulting from this hard and cold process.

Let’s keep in the dark corner of the internet with this video created by a student of Trident Computer College of Information Technology. It has for theme children and education. Hard to watch.


Let’s know witness how Japanese politicians debate. In this video, you meet Toru Hashimoto (at the time, governor of Osaka and known for his fascim tendancies) VS Makoto Sakurai (Zaitokkai president, notorious xenophobe and member of a racist group anti-Burakku and pro-nuclear).

When a Japanese play Lego …


Let’s follow with an extract of this old TV show from Fuji TV in which singers, dressed as a gang of bikers are singing a cute song: 気球に乗ってどこまでも.



Partagez vos impressions, idées et expériences avec moi :)

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